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This eBook caters to Toddlers aged 12 months/1 year old to 24 months/2 years old and has 5 age appropriate feed and sleep routines that you can use as a guide to establish a healthy age appropriate routine to promote consolidated sleep.


The eBook includes:

  • Age-appropriate awake times
  • How many naps your Toddler should be having
  • How much day time sleep your Toddler needs
  • Suggested feeding times and how you can try to organise your day 
  • When to drop a nap

This eBook should be used as a guide


When your toddler gets closer to 2 years old, I recommend looking at my 2 to 5 year eBook for age-appropriate feed and sleep guides.


***Simply click ‘Add to Cart’ and pay and you will receive a link via email where you can download your eBook in PDF***

Routine Guide: 1 to 2 years old

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