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The face behind
Rockabye Baby Sleep Solutions


Rachel Thompson

Certified Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant

Primary School Teacher

Hi Mums and Dads,


My name is Rachel Thompson and I'm the face behind Rockabye Baby Sleep Solutions. I live in Townsville, Queensland Australia with my husband and our son. We became parents in July 2020

to our son Jamie, who was born 6 weeks prematurely, but that hasn't stopped him from thriving.

He's our little miracle who has taught me so much and inspired me to support families with their sleep.


My journey of becoming a new mum is by far the best life experience and is incredibly rewarding,

but it can also be a rollercoaster with many challenges, running emotions and sleep deprivation just

adds to it... I myself have experienced the depths of sleep deprivation and I know the impact it can

have on all aspects of your life - your mental health, your relationships, your career etc. I wanted to

help our son develop healthy sleep habits while he was young and well into the future as he grows. 

My sleep deprivation actually inspired me to want to become a Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant.

I wanted to help my son sleep, because he was so overtired and this was impacting not only his sleep,

but also his feeding. I have always loved science, so learning all about sleep was fascinating and I am passionate about helping other families around the world get quality sleep and learn the invaluable skill

of sleep. 

I have been working with children and parents in education settings for well over a decade now and

have experience with children from newborns to teenagers. I started my career working with children

from the age of 17, being a Nanny for several families in Perth, as I completed my study at university

to become a Primary School Teacher.

In 2014, I graduated university with a Bachelor in Education (Primary) with a minor in Science. I taught

full time for 5.5 years in WA and the NT and taught a wide variety of students as a classroom teacher,

from Year 1 through to Year 10. I have experience working with children from different cultural backgrounds, English as a second language, a range of learning difficulties, as well as challenging and difficult behaviours.


While on maternity leave, in early 2021, I finished my studies and became a certified Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant. I absolutely love the opportunity I have to help parents and their children sleep well. 

We have recently moved to Townsville QLD and I have returned to the classroom to teach 2 days per

week and Jamie attends daycare. In my spare time, I am renovating the house we just purchased,

looking after my dog, raising some pet chickens, spending my days with Jamie and supporting families

with sleep.

My Philosophy

Sleep is a biological need, for humans of all ages. Good quality sleep allows children to physically grow, feed and eat well, develop emotionally and mentally and function at their optimum levels. As a teacher,

I know that every single child is different and unique in their own way and that there is no one way to

teach or learn. I believe that my background in education allows me to create personalised, individualised and differentiated sleep plans for each of my clients. There is no one size fits all approach or 'cookie cutter' programs here, as each family I work with is different - different parenting styles, family beliefs, your child's temperament etc. I pride myself on providing excellent one on one support to my clients, even though we don't see each other face to face, I am always in touch with my clients through sleep logs, messages and phone calls. I am your biggest cheerleader and support while creating positive and healthy sleep habits.

I find it very rewarding connecting with families all over Australia and Worldwide and still remain in contact with my previous clients.

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