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A detailed Sleep Guide with 50 pages to guide you through supporting your little one learn how to sleep well. This guide is suitable for toddlers aged from 12 months to 24 months old.


The sleep guide has everything you need to know, plus more!

✔️Safe sleep practices

✔️The science of sleep

✔️Sleep hygiene/environment

✔️Age appropriate routines and contingency plans

✔️Nap transitions

✔️Early morning waking and solutions

✔️Settling methods (no Cry It Out)


✔️Sleep regressions

✔️Plus so much more!


The sleep guide is a self paced sleep support document to help you implement healthy sleep habits independently in the comfort of your own home. This Sleep Guide is for toddlers who sleep in a cot or if you want to transition them into a cot.


You also have the option for extra support if you feel like you want/need some 1:1 support from me. You can book in the for Phone Call or Email Support Package and we can chat about any questions that you may have and how you can implement healthy sleep habits.


This is a digital product that you will download in PDF format once purchased.


Under no circumstance is any part of this sleep guide to be reproduced, distributed or re-used in any way, without Rockabye Baby Sleep Solutions permission. The purpose of this sleep guide is to be purchased and used on a single-use basis only. Please do no share it with others.

Sleep Guide: 12 to 24 months

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